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Contemporary SIP Phone With Cordless Handset

Designed with luxury in mind, the S2421 provides guests with the convenience of a cordless handset, while enabling the possibility to add up to 3 more accessory phones in the same room, all connected to the S2421 using DECT cordless technology, meaning all phones will operate from just a single SIP, eliminating the need for extra telecommunication infrastructure or licences.

  • DECT cordless handset
  • Supports up to 3 additional DECT accessory phones
  • Choice of 10, 5 or 3 programmable memory keys
  • PoE powered

VTech A2411 In Silver & Pearl
Silver & Pearl
VTech A2411 In Silver & Black
Silver & Black
VTech A2411 In Matte Black
Matte Black