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1-Line Contemporary Analogue Accessory
Petite Phone

Ideal on the nightstand, the accessory Petite Phone features a compact footprint and USB charging port. Guests will appreciate the corded comfort, while hotels will welcome the additional room for branding and speed dials. Since this accessory phone registers to a cordless base, there’s no need to install a phone line or PBX port for installation. The result: lower infrastructure costs and a better guest experience

  • DECT technology delivers superior sound quality while reducing telecom costs
  • USB charging port makes it easy for guests to charge smart phones and other electronic devices
  • Compact size; perfect for guest rooms with limited space
  • Corded design ensures familiar, comfortable guest experience

Vtech A241P Silver & Black
Silver & Black
Vtech A241P Matte Black
Matte Black
Vtech A241P Silver & Pearl
Silver & Pearl


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