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S5410 HC-S

1-Line Premium-X Slim SIP DECT Cordless Accessory Phone for S5410

The PMX is a high performance, stylish, state of the art, DECT cordless phone with a slimline charging base, featuring a 3” touchscreen that adds a touch of elegance to guest rooms. The large touchscreen is easy to read and operate, allowing your guest to access vital functions at their fingertips, with the keypad serving as a supplement for simple dialling.

  • 3-inch colour touchscreen
  • Up to 15 on-screen speed dials
  • Menu in 6 languages
  • PoE powered
  • Add up to 3 DECT accessories to a single S5410

Image of S5410 HC-S / S5420 HC-S in Silver & Black
Silver & Black
Image of S5410 HC-S / S5420 HC-S in Champagne & Black
Champagne & Black


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