VTech’s Contemporary hotel bedroom phone range has led the market with ultimate quality and beautiful design for several years now, and is becoming even more popular as the hospitality market recovers from COVID-19.

The chips used in the Contemporary Range have become much harder to source and so VTech have taken the decision to start using chips supplied by a different manufacturer.

The external design of the phones will remain unchanged, so guests’ experience using the phones won’t be different. However, from the point of view of telephone installers and maintainers, there is a new web interface, which is very similar to the one used by the Series 15 phones, S2315 and S2415. In our opinion, the new web interface is faster and cleaner in any case. 

Installers who use VTech’s SIP Admininstration Tool to configure large batches of phones can be reassured that they can continue to use it when they are working on the new models.

If you look back through older GuestPhones news articles, you will find several official announcements of compatibility and interoperability with various telephone system manufacturers such as Alcatel, Mitel and NEC. We are working closely with them to keep those relationships updated, so keep checking back on our news section for further announcements coming soon.

The models affected are: S2100, S2210, S2211, S2411, S2220, S2221 and S2421. These phones will all contain the new chipset.

As Europe’s master importer and distributor of VTech hotel phones, Trust Distribution aims to keep high levels of stock of the fast-moving models in the range and has been successful in this aim in spite of the global disruption to the supply of semiconductors over the last year. Because of this, there is still stock of many of the current models. Because of this, there is still stock of many of the current models. Trust will implement the changeover to the new models as a “change in running”, so the new versions will start to be shipped as the current ones are sold out.

To keep things as simple as possible for installers, we will ensure that all orders will comprise of only one type of chipset, and we will give advance notice of which chipset will be used on each order.