The VTech PMX range is out now. Aimed at Five Star and upscale boutique properties, these cordless phones with large screens and customised menu are ideal for hotel settings where achieving the highest standards is critical.

Choose either a master phone (S5410 / S5420) or Hidden Base (S5410HID / S5420HID), then add up to 3 of the accessories in the same room – mix and match the large and small charging bases according to your tastes.

If the hotel prefers only to use the smaller HC-S charger, then the Hidden Base will be perfect for them. Mounted on a wall, under a desk or in the ceiling void, it will allow cordless phones to be connected anywhere in the guest room where mains or PoE power is available.

Key Features:

3 inch colour touch screen
Customisable menu with multiple languages
Combine up to 4 handsets in the same room
Choose from champagne gold, or silver black colours