Here at Trust Distribution we have been running and distributing VTech hospitality phones for just a little over two years now.

With partners all over Europe, we ship thousands of VTech phones every month to be connected to many different PBX and hosted VoIP networks, and installed in hundreds of hotels, from small independent properties up to all the world’s most recognisable brands in hospitality, from luxury to budget.

We thought we would take some time to check which countries we have shipped phones to and we are delighted to find that we’ve reached almost 50 countries already. Who knows – there are probably a few more that we didn’t get to hear about too.

Is your country green in the diagram below? If so, you’re not too far from a VTech hotel phone. If not, we hope to do business in your country before long!

For a full list of the countries we supply, click here.

Map of Europe detailing the countries we have already supplied VTech Hospitality Guest Telephones to, and the countries that we can supply.